understanding certification

Certification Facts:

  • We do not restrict certification to people who have a theological degree.
  • We are looking for passion, ability and giftedness as the criteria.
  • Certification is open to men and women.
  • Review the criteria for the ideal candidate.

Certification Requirements:

All candidates are required:

  • To be in agreement with our faith and value statements.
  • To be single or in a healthy marriage.
  • To attend our two-day training session (We understand that people do have experience, however it is mandatory for certification with LCM).
  • To agree to a current background check.
  • To provide a reference.
  • To agree to our code of conduct.
  • To pay an annual membership and certification fee.
  • To submit annual reports.

Certification & Membership Benefits:

  • Being a member of the finest Life Celebration organization in North America.
  • Member to member support and encouragement.
  • Access to world-class resources.
  • Monthly motivational zoom sessions.
  • A personalized website upon request.